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Hugo Boss jeans shirt
Reiss trousers
Dune patent & suede shoes
Mondaine watch 
Woven wrist-wear from Barcelona
Reiss pocket square 
and £33 worth of dry cleaning #graduatelife

“The Fastest (life)”

—   For those that live it to the fullest graduate life is fast paced. Dry cleaning is essential if you’re planning to make the most of the time off this easter.
Miranda and I on the central line..

“Synergies/Easter bachelor advice”


Side note: In reference to Miranda Kerr on the GQ cover this you remember when she changed the game in 2011? 

Well like an easter egg hunt play no games with the competition this Easter. Try to make the best impression possible while you’re out and about. Where ever you are you never know who you might meet.

5 days out the matrix/ me for style advice at: I’ve got my phone with me all weekend.

"You can never chase what’s hot right now because it’s already late"-Lee Hawkins, Wall Street Journal

"You can never chase what’s hot right now because it’s already late"-Lee Hawkins, Wall Street Journal

“For your information”


FYI COS has the best designed, most reasonably priced and diverse male spring/summer collection a graduate salary can buy. There are at least 29 key pieces in that store; great value for money. Neil Barret has a great SS14 collection too available at Harvey Nichols, A Sauvage is quietly winning, Taylor Morris (support the progressive graduates) is well positioned in the market to win.

Y3 is back & has the best pair of slip ons ever. Bomber Jackets are in but please no more flower prints..get a bomber in a unique colour like emerald green or cobalt blue instead. There’s so much choice out there.

If you’re a graduate living in London between the ages of 21 & 45 with limited resources (time…money or both) and need style advice for a special occasion for instance a midweek dinner or weekend lunch with a special lady contact:

“Complex colour contrasting techiques: My brother’s style intelligence”

Always on the go #Graduatelife
They match colours we contrast.

Love that Woman

Billie Jean… ”The Arts (fashion, film ,music), Family and £ over everything”-Lady Eraux

“It’s the little things in life”

—   100MB videos straight off the iphone